Why not give her a name as tough as she is? Military Inspired Names for Tough Male Dogs, 150 Best Names for White Dogs by Size for Males and Females, 50 Meaningful Native American Names for Male Dogs, 18 Male Greek Names that Make Cool Dog Names, 18 Irish and Scottish Names for Strong Dogs. Barbara Fitzgerald (author) from Georgia on December 24, 2018: Hi Aisling: I am not familiar with any trainers in your area. This list of names evokes images of leadership, strength, and protection (ideal for the new defender of your family pack). Do you know of anyone in the area? Some of the strongest forces in this world are conjured by Mother Nature herself. Thanks for the reminder! Barbara Fitzgerald (author) from Georgia on April 23, 2016: We do need to do a list for the Noble female guard dogs. I am hanging out in Watkinsville, near Athens, these days. Barbara Fitzgerald (author) from Georgia on October 07, 2013: Thanks epbooks! In Japan, for centuries, only Shoguns were permitted to own the majestic Akita. Which Type of Dog Fence Is Right For Your Pet? Esm San Bonaventura from Seattle, WA on December 22, 2018: Barbara Fitzgerald (author) from Georgia on February 25, 2018: Koa means brave in Hawaiian. Xena should be on here for female dogs name. If your new pup looks like they could grow up to be a real tough guy or gal, you'll want a strong dog name to suit their robust personality. 240 Creative Girl Dog Names for Every Letter of the Alphabet, 150 of the Most Badass Dog Names You've Ever Heard, 150+ Famous Dog Names for Your Prestigious Pup. The Arena Media Brands, LLC and respective content providers to this website may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. These dog training tips will help you get started. Whatever the case, here are over 200 of our favorite strong dog name ideas for your new tough pupper. You can check with the Macon Kennel Club and see who they recommend in the area. RELATED: 260 Clever Name Ideas for Boy Dogs. There should be a Shiloh I believe it's much a strong name for dogs. Rock music can pump up the masses with its heavy sounds and hardcore themes, making it the perfect genre for inspiration when naming your new pup. 200+ Strong Dogs Names for the Ruff N' Tough Pup in Your Life. There are many ways to express ideas of strength beyond just the word "strong." Can anyone suggest a male brave name for my pet, I am confused. Women are strong as heck, including the precious pooch in your life. 300+ Cute Cat Names for Every Kind of Kitty. You can train for Rally at home on your own. Thanks for visiting. If you want to make a trek to Atlanta I can recommend two facilities: Sirius (if you are really serious) and Canine Capers which is where I trained. I've gone to the agility trials at the Ag Center but not Rally. Insurance for dogs, cats, and other household animals can run as low as $20 a month, but that cost can add up over time. There is a nobility about so many breeds that I think they should be given names that recognize it! Maybe you're adopting a little Chihuahua who thinks he's stronger than his tiny size truly allows. Barbara Fitzgerald (author) from Georgia on December 23, 2018: Hi Aisling!! Copyright 2022 Meredith Corporation. Girls, duh. I have added it as a secret bonus name! Rally is a cross between obedience and agility, so it is more relaxed and less strenuous, allowing you to ease into the riggers of the other two sports. Check out these inspired names to see for yourself. Give her something to strive for with a name inspired by a woman who made all the difference. Enjoyed this hub! Whether they're strong in their convictions or in their stature, this list has the perfect name for your pup. We had a Rottweiler named Magnus. He's my first Aussie and wow, what a great breed! 2022 The Arena Media Brands, LLC and respective content providers on this website. Get the dog moms and dads in your life something unique this year. Khan - does have a slightly crooked twist - some tough guys have worn that moniker! Barbara Fitzgerald (author) from Georgia on June 12, 2017: Thanks for visiting Bobby. Hey, there's a reason you're still hearing about these iconic figures todaythey were tough as heck. Is the added expense worth the trouble to insure your beloved pet? Hi Drago, Sparta was a Greek city, and it's citizens were Spartans. This article provides 85 great names for your powerful guard dog. HubPages is a registered trademark of The Arena Platform, Inc. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. Esm San Bonaventura from Seattle, WA on December 23, 2018: Hi Solaras! If you want to contribute any dog names, please do so and we will be glad to add them to the article! Looks like you are in Georgia too; what part is Bolingbroke? Name your strong pup after one of the greats. I just had a second look at your profile and saw that you breed Border Collies and are well versed in agility trials. I hope that helps with your naming of your boy. Barbara Fitzgerald (author) from Georgia on April 26, 2014: Thanks Ruccha for stopping by - I might have to name a dog Khan myself one day! Barbara Fitzgerald (author) from Georgia on February 02, 2014: vespawoolf - thanks for Magnus! And the Great Pyrenees was elevated to the status of Guardian of the Chateaux of Lourdes in the 17th century. I'm very happy to meet you! RELATED: 240 Creative Girl Dog Names for Every Letter of the Alphabet. I've never heard of Rally before. There are several big shows in Perry at the Fairgrounds in the spring that have rally, conformation, lure coursing, agility and obedience. Bolingbroke is right outside Macon. It's no surprise that many of the strongest people to ever live became elite athletes. These names from noble titles from ancient realms and modern kingdoms will confer imperial majesty on your canine companion and ruler of your affections. Training your dog to follow basic commands builds a positive relationship with her and helps ensure her safety. I have a year old Australian Shepherd who I would absolutely love to get into agility. Esm San Bonaventura from Seattle, WA on December 24, 2018: Thanks, Solaras! : ). It's nice to meet another Georgian. Vespa Woolf from Peru, South America on February 02, 2014: I love this list! Heres what you need to know about why cats purr and what your cat may be telling you when her motor is running. Daily Paws is part of the Meredith National Digital Network. I also like Khansounds slightly evil. They often have herding instinct tests there too. Looking for that perfect name for your strong, regal dog? RELATED: 150+ Famous Dog Names for Your Prestigious Pup. Everyone should know about the House of Power! You might meet some trainers there too. Kaiser is his name, it's also perfect for him because Rotties are German! We will be sure to get Xena on that list! RELATED: 150 of the Most Badass Dog Names You've Ever Heard. Who run the world? Perhaps your family's adding a mighty Leonberger to the crew, and you want your giant new BFF's name to reflect her indomitable strength. Everyone could use a good role model to look up to, dogs included. Kubla Khan and Genghis Khan are two famous Mongolian lords. Powerful, regal dog breeds include, among others, the Borzoi (aka the Russian Wolfhound), the Akita, and the Great Pyrenees. Rally sounds more like what I'm looking for for Alasdair because at this point, I'm looking for more of a fun hobby for him--something to work off all that Aussie energy and put that big ole brain of his to work. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. All Rights Reserved. Or maybe you just want to name your new dog after a role model with strong convictions. Some of these names are from rome ex Spartan. The Russian Wolfhound, today known as the Borzoi, was a favorite of Russian nobility; huge hunting trips, consisting of trainloads of nobles, their serfs and their dogs, were formed around competitions pitting two Borzoi against a flush out wolf. I'll go to the site and see if I can find a schedule. Check out these ideas based on noble titles from various cultures around the world, as well as legendary giants of myth and modern heroes. Whether your good boy has a strong personality or can fetch the largest and heaviest of sticks, one of these strong names for boy dogs should suit him perfectly. It's a plane! "Strong" can mean many things though. I normally have giant, stubborn dog breeds, whom I do adore, but wow, it's nice having a dog who hinges on my every word and glance. A dog fence is an important detail to consider when adopting a pet for the first time or moving your dog to a new home. They may not be ready to beat you in a game of chess, but these brainy dogs are easy to train and generally eager to please you. Elizabeth Parker from Las Vegas, NV on October 07, 2013: These were adorable names. Barbara Fitzgerald (author) from Georgia on December 04, 2019: Ruari, which is Scottish, might make a good name for a noble redbone coonhound- the name means "red king.". From classic to celeb-inspired and funny to food-based, this list of cute cat names is sure to inspire your naming adventures. I've looked around for agility places in Macon, but can't find any. It's your dog with a super-strong name! Names are awesome ! It's a bird! The Greek and Roman gods were considered the ultimate symbol of strength, and their stories throughout history are still intriguing today. Barbara Fitzgerald is an AKC Breeder of Merit and author of the column "Conversations with Champions" for the BCSA magazine, "Borderlines.". Wow it's really a ossam list of dogs..khan is soo good.. Adrienne Farricelli on February 02, 2014: Had to stop by to see if you listed the name of my male Rottie, yes, it's there!